Tsukiko Sagi
Kanji 鷺 月子
Romaji Sagi Tsukiko
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 22
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Cartoonist
Status Alive
First Appearance Episode 1
Voice Actor Mamiko Noto (Japanese)
Michelle Ruff (English)

Tsukiko Sagi (鷺 月子 Sagi Tsukiko) is the main character and first protagonist of Paranoia Agent. She is the creator of Maromi and, incidentally, the Shonen Bat. She is also the first victim of his, although this was later proven right.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Tsukiko is an introvert who enjoys the company of Maromi rather than that of humans. She seems to be shy with others, though she will sometimes spend time with other people. Although she appears for the most part emotionless, she is a daydreamer, and often hears Maromi speak to her. She treasures her creation Maromi, but has trouble thinking up new ideas for cartoons. Tsukiko takes her job seriously, and her co-workers appear to be envious of her success. Due to the negativity received from her co-workers, she prefers to spend time alone.

History Edit

Tsukiko's mother disappeared when Tsukiko was young, so she was raised by her father. He was often very strict with her, which caused her intensely reserved nature. She owned a dog in her childhood, whom she named Maromi.

One day, while walking Maromi in the park, she began to experience stomach pains (most likely menstrual cramps), causing her to lose her grip on Maromi's leash. Maromi ran into the road, was hit by a car, and killed instantly. Not wanting to upset her father, Tsukiko claimed the dog was killed by a boy on roller blades carrying a bat.


Episode 1 Edit

Tsukiko sits inside of her work booth, trying to draw a new design for a character. Hatomura asks her about the new design. She looks at her co-workers, who all seem angry at her.

Later in the evening, Tsukiko walks down the alleyway home, She sees an old woman and tries to avoid her, but after she walks past her, she disappears, and the blackness starts to close in on Tsukiko. She runs and falls down in a parking lot. While trying to collect her things that have fallen from her bag, she hears a sound of roller blades. She looks to the direction of the sound and sees an assailant briefly, before she is struck by a bat.


  • Tsukiko, in sixth grade, studied in Hokube Elementary School.
  • In the opening, Tsukiko is shown on top of a building, holding her shoes.