Mushi Sanban (voiced by Tara Strong) is a minor villain/antagonist that appears in Mooncake Child:Japanese American Hong Kong Food Killer (Yuebing Ertong:Riben Meiguo Xianggang Shiwu Shashou).

She is the younger sister of Kuki Sanban and also the girlfriend/husband of King Sandy. During her search for the Hong Kong restaurant's employee, Mushi is ultimately attacked and thrown into the kitchen floor by the Hong Kong restaurant's mascot named Sashimi the Evil Japanese Spitz (played by Neil Patrick Harris).

Later on, her concerned older sister named Kuki Sanban (voiced by Lauren Tom) also enters the haunted Hong Kong restaurant, only to find Mushi dead in the hot boiling water and Kuki was screaming in horror after seeing her little sister's face has been peeled off like a rubber face mask until she is ultimately attacked, ambushed and murdered by Sashimi with a sharp meat cleaver as she begs for mercy.

After finishing off both Kuki and Mushi, Sashimi then makes his way outside and gruesomely murders Tommy Gilligan (played by Dee Bradley Baker) and his older brother named Hoagie Gilligan (played by Benjamin Diskin) with a large claw hammer. After finishing off Mushi Sanban, Kuki Sanban, Tommy Gilligan and Hoagie Gilligan, Sashimi grins and looks back as if he's ready to take on/kills his next victims with an evil laughter.

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