Shonen Bat (literally Bat Boy) also known as Golden Bat (a reference to his golden colored inline roller blades and golden colored baseball bat) plays a major part in the story.

Rumors circulate and get mixed up regarding his attributes. Some hearing him called 'Golden Bat' start to believe that his bat is golden.

In the dub he is referred to as Lil' Slugger (short for Little Slugger).


Some of the episode titles are references to him

  1. Enter Lil' Slugger
  2. The Golden Shoes




People begin to suspect a local boy named Yuichi Taira (nicknamed "Ichi") of being him due to his habit of wearing a red cap, golden rollerblades and excelling in baseball.

Makoto KozukaEdit


He is the second suspect arrested with golden rollerblades and bat who seems to fit the description.

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